Roxanne Brown

My name is Roxanne Brown, and I am a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. The name of my practice is Faith Understanding and Wellness.
My approach in psychotherapy is cognitive behavior therapy, emphasizing your own insight
as the guide. The hypnotherapy that I use is emphasizes transformation and change. It’s about connecting to the subconscious and helping you reprogram long embedded destructive thinking.

I Have Specialties in Areas Such As:

  • Hynotherapy
  • Nutritional Training for Wellness
  • Psychotherapy

Healing Yourself By Knowing Yourself

Understanding is about knowledge. It is important to understand your body and your brain. The struggles of addiction and even mental illness are based in the body as well as the mind, and understanding these things will help you profoundly in your road to wellness.

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Guiding Yourself Toward Healing

This therapeutic practice is aimed toward awakening your own abilities to be aware of yourself and to heal yourself via your belief in yourself and your own strength to overcome your obstacles and ailments. You have the power and the wisdom to stand against harmful behaviors and addictions. I am willing to guide you toward guiding yourself.

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Roxanne Brown

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Being Well is You Caring for You!

Wellness is about taking care of the body that you live in. It is important to move, as our bodies thrive when it is in process of some sort of exercise. It’s important to know that the foods we eat impact both our bodies and our minds. For the sake of wellness it is important to also understand the negative...

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